S’Mores Smoothie

🔥S’MORES SMOOTHIE🔥 - heck yes!!! Check out this tasty treat with an extra boost of nutrition. Be sure to SAVE and SHARE this with a friend bc it’s that good😋.

🍫1 c Vanilla Yogurt
🍫1/2 c Almond Milk
🍫1 tsp Cacao Powder
🍫4 Large Marshmallows (or 20 small)
🍫3 gf Graham Cracker Squares
🍫1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
🍫1 scoop Hanna Valley Chocolate Protein                                                               🍫1 Tbsp Chocolate Chips                                                                                          🍫Ice Cubes to Taste

Blend everything together except for ice cubes and chocolate chips. Once smooth, add remaining two ingredients until desired consistency.